7 Japanese Kanji Radicals (部首)

みんな、部首って、分かりますか Do you know about bushu in kanji friends? 部首 (bushu) or called radical in English is a way of classifying characters for searching. Every kanji has bushu (部首) / radical or bushu/ radical itself can be a Kanji. So if you want to search a kanji in dictionary, you have to know the radical of the kanji you want to search.

There are 214 部首 (radicals) but don't worry friends I think you don't need to memorize all of them, and probably many Japanese people cannot remember all names of radicals, but if you want to learn more radicals it's better, it will help you identify the meaning of a kanji. Radicals/bushu divided into seven groups based on their position.

Hen (へん)

bushu hen

The first group is Hen, hen radicals are found at the left side of kanji characters, for example, these kanji have a bushu called hen, 海、使、体、伝、作 and many more.

Tsukuri (つくり)

bushu tsukuri

The second group radical is tsukuri, these radicals found at the right side of kanji characters. Example 数、制、欲、飲、歌、預 and many more.

Kanmuri (かんむり)

bushu kanmuri

The third radical group is kanmuri, these radicals have position on top of kanji characters, and here's the kanji example of radical called kanmuri 答、第、安、守、花、若、雪 and many more.

Ashi (あし)

bushu ashi

The next radical group is Ashi, If you know the meaning of ashi word, I think you will know where ashi radicals position is. Yaps bottom of kanji characters, ashi means foot. These are the kanji which has ashi radical 兄、先、光、思、感、点、塾 and many more.

Tare (たれ)

bushu tare

Next radical group is Tare, tare radicals are located on top and left of kanji characters, here's the example 尾、尽、屋、広、床、病、痛 and many more.

Nyou (にょう)

bushu nyou
Next radical group is nyou, this radical group is located on left and bottom, example 近、道、辺、速、返、建 and many more.

Kamae (かまえ)

bushu kamae

bushu kamae 3

bushu kamae 4

bushu kamae 5

bushu kamae 6

kamae radicals
And the last radical group is kamae, kamae has several positions, all side surround kanji characters, or top, left and right side of kanji characters, top and right side, left and right side, top left and bottom of kanji characters, left, bottom and right side of kanji characters. And here's the example 国、凹、門、句、行、風、気、式、医、円 and many more.

Alright, we have learnt seven group radical kanji here^^, thank you for reading this article I hope you understood my brief explaination^^, Ok, let's learn Japanese lesson again tomorrow guys, bye bye.

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