Japanese Grammar Lesson: ~te oku (~ておく)

Youkoso mina-san, welcome everyone, we learned about ~te aru grammar yesterday, and today in this time post, we are going to learn about ~te oku grammar^^, are you ready to learn, learners? saa, benkyou hajimeyou !(^o^)! tanoshinde ikou ze.

Japanese Grammar ~te oku (~ておく)

JLPT Level: N4
Meaning: (first meaning) to prepare something for future / do something beforehand / will go ahead and do something.
*Note: In colloquial speaks ~te oku can be constructed to ~toku. Example:
作っておく(shitte oku) → 作っとく(shittoku)
買っておく(katte oku) → 買っとく(kattoku)
しておく(shite oku) → しとく(shittoku)
Formula: Change the verb into te-form and then attach oku. Example:
作る= tsukuru= to make  → 作っておく= tsukutte oku = going to make
買う= kau= to buy → 買っておく= katte oku = going to buy
する= suru = to do → しておく= shite oku= going to do
食べる= taberu = to eat  → 食べておく= tabete oku = going to eat
飲む= nomu= to drink  → 飲んでおく= nonde oku = going to drink
Sentence Example:
kanojo ni ki o tsukeru you ni ittoku
I'll tell her to be careful
watashi to haha wa bangohan o tsukutte okimasu
I and Mom are going to cook dinner (prepare for this night^^)
sasuke-san wa yatte oku sou desu
I heard that Sasuke will do it
kore kara ganbattoku yo
From now, I will do my best

For second meaning (to do something and leave it for a while / let someone do something for a while.), attach おく in a causative te form verb. Example:
子供に好きなことをやらせ ておく
kodomo ni suki na koto o yarasete oku
to let children do what they like
私に好きなことをやらせ ておいてください
watashi ni suki na koto o yarasete oite kudasai
Please, let someone do what I like

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Ok, that was the ~te oku grammar lesson^^, I hope you enjoyed and understood my simple brief explanation^^, see you again next time, learners!(^_-)-☆.

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