Japanese Conjunction ~kedo/~keredo/~keredomo (~けど/~けれど/~けれども)

皆さんこんにちは(^_^)/, riizhu desu, konkai no ressun wa ~kedo/~keredo/~keredomo no bunpou o benkyou shimasu, today, we are learning Japanese grammar/conjunction ~kedo/~keredo/~keredomo. Ok, to the point:

Conjunction ~kedo/~keredo/~keredomo

JLPT Level: N5
Meaning: but, however.
sentence 1 + kedo + sentence 2
sentence 1 + desu kedo + sentence 2
Note: If the end of sentence 1 is na-adjective or noun you must attach だ before けど, but if you use ですけど, you need not attach だ.
makemashita kedo yoku ganbatte imashita
I lost but I have been trying so hard
彼女は 美しいけれどあまり好きじゃないよ
kanojo wa utsukushii keredo amari suki janai
She is beautiful, but I am not really like her
kare wa hen dakedo totemo suki desu
He is strange, but I really like him

Note: けれど is more formal than けど, and けれども is the most formal of けど. And unlike English けど is not always express a direct contradiction, but It can be used as a general connector of two separate sentences, in this chase けど means "and". Example:
kinou noragami o mimashita kedo omoshiroi
I watched Noragami (anime) yesterday and It was interesting
Alright, that was the Japanese conjunction ~kedo/~keredo/~keredomo lesson, hope you enjoyed and understood the lesson(=^・^=),.jaa mata ashita ne.

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