Japanese Learning Online is an English translation blog of Bahasa Jepang Bersama (www.bahasajepangbersama.blogspot.com) and released on 01/03/2015. So now the lessons of Bahasa Jepang Bersama can be read by everyone around the world^^ and we hope this blog can help whoever want to learn Japanese language, but cannot take a course or learn in a university because they don't have any money or time to learn Japanese language.

Here, you can learn Japanese lessons in 5 categories:

Kanji: this category is all about the Japanese Kanji lesson, Kanji reading, onyomi, kunyomi, how to write kanji correctly and the facts of kanji.

Vocabulary: this category is all about Japanese vocabularies, if you want to recall and improve your Japanese vocabulary, you must learn there, ok^^

Grammar: as the name, this category thread all about Japanese grammars, we will write the grammars simply and we don't want to make you confused with difficult and complicated grammars that are not used in daily or common conversations.

Share app and site: in this category, we will share applications and websites or blogs to improve your Japanese skill^^

Other: this category contains tips, tricks to learn Japanese, unique information about Japanese language and we will share our experiences in learning Japanese autodidact as well here, learning at university and many more articles.

Ok, you can learn everything you want here^^, you can learn Japanese language whenever you want and you can learn Japanese wherever you are. In this blog we can learn free Japanese lessons together^^. And there is no teacher or seniority here, we are the same, i.e. Japanese Learner\(≧∇≦) /

Let's Learn and Teach Japanese together, learning Japanese from others and teach Japanese to others^^.

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Hi everyone^^, let me introduce myself here, Hajimemashite, watashi wa riizhu desu, hello, I'm riizhu from Indonesia, one of author here, or maybe the only one author in this blog^^. I like learning Japanese and other languages.

I've learnt Japanese (autodidact) by myself in internet since 2010, Although my Japanese has not mastered yet, but I like to write Japanese lessons in my blog and teach it. Yeah I like teach Japanese, because while I teaching Japanese I also can review the lessons what I learnt before and if sometime I forget it, I just open my blog and learn again^^, Hmm just like a diary, isn't it?, So, that is the one reason why I like writing Japanese lessons in my blog, and the second reason, I'll be very happy if my writing can help a lot of people who want to learn Japanese language. Nice to meet you all^^ I hope we can be friend who always support each other. Minna, douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu^^.

Nickname : riizhu
Birthday : 17 May
Hobby : Learning New Languages, Watching Anime, Blogging
Twitter : @riizhu

Issho ni nihongo o benkyou shimashou

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  1. Glad you started a blog like this! Thanks for all resources!

    1. you are welcome^^, I also glad to see you started the comment^^, because this is the first comment in this blog^^.

  2. That's great riizhu, Thanks to initiate a knowledge sharing blog. You have suggested a proven way to know how to read Japanese step by step .
    Keep it up.


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