What Does Douzo (どうぞ) Mean in Japanese Language? and When to Use?

Hi everybody, welcome back to Japanese Learning Online, with me riizhu, today, we are learning the meaning and uses of douzo (どうぞ). Well, let's learn the lesson.

Douzo (どうぞ)

JLPT Level: -
Meaning: please, sure, certainly
Used in imperative sentence. Example:
douzo suwatte kudasai
please, sit down
kochira e douzo
this way, please
Used in reply to a request or permission. Example:
enpitsu o kashite moraimasen ka
would you lend me a pencil
hai, douzo
yes, sure
koko de suwatte mo ii desu ka
may I sit here
hai, douzo
yes, sure
Used to offer something to someone. Example:
omiyage, minasan de douzo
souvenirs, here for everyone
okashi o douzo
here's some snacks (for you)
And means "nice to meet you" with yoroshiku onegaishimasu, so that become douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu, used when you are introducing yourself. Example:
boku wa kuroko desu, douzo yoroshiku onegaishimasu
I am kuroko, nice to meet you
Ok, that was the meaning and uses of the Japanese word douzo (どうぞ), I hope this simple article can. Alright,I will see you soon in the next post tomorrow, jaa mata ashita ne^^.

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