The Meaning and Uses of Choudo in Japanese Language (丁度)

皆さんこんにちは、minasan konnichiwa, in this section I am going to share the meaning and uses of choudo (ちょうど). Alright, let's learn Japanese lessons for today.

Choudo Meaning And Uses (ちょうど)

JLPT Level: -
Kanji: 丁度, but often written in hiragana
Meaning: Means "have just" If choudo followed by ~ta tokoro, ~ta bakari grammar. And means "exactly/precisely/sharp" before number expression.
choudo kuji ni kite kudasai
please come at 9 sharp/o'clock
watashi wa choudo osara o araioeta tokoro desu
I've just washed the dishes
kanojo wa choudo tsuita tokoro desu
He has just arrived
ima yoji choudo desu
It's 4 o'clock now
choudo shukudai o oeta tokoro desu
I've just finished the homework
Alright, we finished the lesson for today about meaning and uses of choudo (丁度), I hope you enjoyed the lesson^^.

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