Let's Learn Japanese Hiragana Characters

Before we learn Kanji, firstly we have to learn Kana (both hiragana and katakata), because hiragana and katakana are a thousand times easier to learn than Kanji, riizhu suggest if you want to learn the Japanese language, the first thing you have to do is learn and memorize all characters of hiragana and katakana.
So, in this post, riizhu will give you a list of hiragana characters and when to use it, are you ready to learn hiragana, friends? Ok let's learn about hiragana friends(σ‾‾)-.σ, let’s go.

Hiragana is one way of writing the Japanese language characters and represent Japanese syllables, hiragana in ancient times was often used by women, so hiragana also known as 女手 (onnade=women's writing) while the men of the time using the kanji and katakana. Hiragana began to be widely used in the 10th century.

It is a little history about hiragana, then now we will learn hiragana, let's go! Oh, but before start memorizing, we should have to know when hiragana is used, isn't it?

The usage of Hiragana:

  1. To write okurigana, do you know what is okurigana? =.=)a okurigana is ending words of verbs,adjectives, etc. for example: 読む = yomu, (mu) in 読む word is called okurigana. Why verbs and adjectives in the ending is written with hiragana? Because in order to be conjugate, we will learn about conjugation in later chapters^^.
  2. To write the words that unknown the kanji or has not been in use commonly and  in everyday conversations.
  3. To write children's reading materials such as textbooks, animation, and comics.
  4. To write the furigana, (furigana is small hiragana above the kanji to indicate how a kanji is read). I think you ever see this in the OST of anime - above on the lyrics opening and ending anime, the kanji usually also accompanied by furigana on top.

OK, we've been learn how and when to use hiragana. Next, let's memorize hiragana, if you don't want to learn hiragana, don't expect you will be able to mastered Japanese language, because hiragana is the main weapon to conquer the Japanese language^^.

Hiragana list

あ=A い=I う=U え=E お=O
か=KA き=KI く=KU け=KE こ=KO
さ=SA し=SHI す=SU せ=SE そ=SO
た=TA ち=CHI つ=TSU て=TE と=TO
な=NA に=NI ぬ=NU ね=NE の=NO
は=HA ひ=HI ふ=FU へ=HE ほ=HO
ま=MA み=MI む=MU め=ME も=MO
や=YA ゆ=YU よ=YO
ら=RA り=RI る=RU れ=RE ろ=RO
わ=WA を=WO
 Hiragana with maru and  tenten
が=GA ぎ=GI ぐ=GU げ=GE ご=GO
ざ=ZA じ=JI ず=ZU ぜ=ZE ぞ=ZO
だ=DA ぢ=JI づ=DZU で=DE ど=DO
ば=BA び=BI ぶ=BU べ=BE ぼ=BO
ぱ=PA ぴ=PI ぷ=PU ぺ=PE ぽ=PO
りゃ=RYA りゅ=RYU りょ=RYO
みゃ=MYA みゅ=MYU みょ=MYO
ひゃ=HYA ひゅ=HYU ひょ=HYO
きゃ=KYA きゅ=KYU きょ=KYO
にゃ=NYA にゅ=NYU にょ=NYO
ちゃ=CHA ちゅ=CHU ちょ=CHO
しゃ=SHA しゅ=SHU しょ=SHO
ぎゃ=GYA ぎゅ=GYU ぎょ=GYO
じゃ=JA じゅ=JU じょ=JO
ぢゃ=JA ぢゅ=JU ぢょ=JO
びゃ=BYA びゅ=BYU びょ=BYO
ぴゃ=PYA ぴゅ=PYU ぴょ=PYO
*Red is mean the character have not read in usual way (irregular characters)
* has three sounds n, m and ng, read m if the character before ん is b or p eg: さんぽ=shampoo, たんぼ =tambo read ng if the character before ん is g or k eg: さんかくえい=sangkakuei, まんが=mangga.

Ok that's all the list of hiragana, it's not difficult, is it? certainly it is not as difficult as Kanji XD, I hope you can quickly memorize all the Hiragana characters. Happy to memorize, friends (=^ㅅ^=).

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