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ただいまもどりました、 tadaima modorimashita, I am back, hello everbody(^_^)/, thank you for being here, in this article, I am gonna review and recommend you a website to improve your Japanese language particularly your formal Japanese skill^^, the formal or polite Japanese is a paramount skill, because I am sure you will truly need this Japanese style in the real world, and you have to use formal Japanese to talk Japanese people  in Japan and around the world^^.

So, be sure you mastered this Japanese language style well, and be sure, you can distinguish between informal and formal Japanese when you are talking.

And the best website to learn formal Japanese language is The lessons in that site are very simple and focused on Japanese conversation with clear and simple explanation. whether you are a beginner or even absolute beginner, you can understand the lesson quickly, trust me. You just listen the lesson (audiodrama) and read the pdf lesson^^.
NHK easy japanese homepage
screenshoot from nhk easy japanese homepage

Formerly, we learned Japanese language with Quon from Vietnam as the main character, but now we learn with Anna as the heroine of the story.  Anna is a Thai student who loves Japanese manga very much and she wants to learn Japanese language in order to be able read Japanese manga without difficulties. There are 48 lessons of "Easy Japanese". And you can download both the audio (mp3 format) and the text (pdf format) for each lesson or at once in website^^.

NHK easy japanese characters
screenshoot from :
Click this link if you want to learn Japanese language conversation in Easy Japanese (やさしい日本語), go

Alright, enjoy learning Japanese and don't forget to practice your Japanese often^^. I'll be right back, see you tomorrow, ashita mo tanoshimi ni, mata ne mina-san^^.

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