Japanese Kanji Learning Application for Android

どうも皆さん、今日はいい天気ですね(^・^), hey everyone, it's sunny, today, right?, as I promised when I posted and share java applications to learn Japanese kanji in previous post, in this sunny day I am going to review and share an Android application for learning Japanese kanji^^. I think this app will help you much to learn all jouyou Kanji.

And the application that I will share is named Kanji LS, this application is rather similar to Kanji recall I shared before.
But this application is more complex, of course. In this app you can learn Japanese kanji, kunyomi and onyomi reading and meaning. You can learn the kanji according to the category, learn kanji by grade 1 - 6 or according to JLPT level from N5, N4, N3, N2 and the most difficult level N1 for learners who want to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT Test).

kanji learning apps

Furthermore, you can practise writing a Kanji with the right stroke order, answer the question by writing the kanji with right stroke order.

kanji learning apps for Android

And you can browse the kanji to find the data of the kanji like meaning, the vocabulary that use that kanji and find the radical.

kanji learning apps browse kanji

I don't know how many kanji are there in this app, but certainly, there are more than 2000 Kanji.

kanji learning apps image

How complete application, right? How guys? If you are interested in this Android app, you can search in your play store app with keyword "Kanji LS" and buy this application, yeah, I think this app is not free.

All right, just it, just it for today, and please wait me for the next post^^, jaa kyou no jugyou wa koko made, jaa ne minna, mata aou, see you guys.

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  1. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.enjoy.justlikeengjpn2&hl=zh_TW
    I can recommend it may be an good free Android app for studying Japanese.
    Listen and repeat to learn short sentence is a super-easy way to improve your Japanese.

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