Java Applications to Learning Japanese Kanji and Kana Characters

皆さんこんばんは、今日、アプレケションをシェアします, kyou apurekeshon o shea shimasu, I am going to share simple applications to learn Japanese kanji, hiragana and katakana characters. In this section I will share applications for Java and Symbian only, for Android and other smartphones and other devices, I will also share later^^.

These applications are very simple, only with .jar format, although these applications are very simple but these applications give many advantages (FYI, I learned 1007 kyouiku kanji with the kanji recall application within one month in my nokia E63 Symbian device^^), these 1007 kanji are taught in elementary school in Japan from grade 1 to grade 6. And if you have learned all kyouiku kanji, you will conquer a half of Jouyou Kanji^^.

"Don't judge a book by its cover" maybe this phrase can represent these aplications^^. There are 3 applications that I will share in this post i.e. Kanji recall, Hiragana recall and Katakana recall. Here is the screenshots of the applications:

Kanji recall
Hiragana recall
Katakana recall

How? Are you interest in them? if you have a Java phone or Symbian or any handphone that support a java app, you can learn kanji and kana with these aplications^^.

If you want download the applications click below:

Simple and ordinary applications with extraordinary advantages. So for you who only have a java or symbian phone, don't worry, because you can use these aplications^^. About Japanese learning apps for Smartphone, please wait^^ I will also share other applications for other devices^^ dakara matte ne^^ please wait the new posts on this blog, Ok^^, and don't forget to subscribe this blog via Email^^)/.

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