Learn the Characteristics of Japanese Language

Hello guys^^, konnichiwa, ranchi wa mou tabemashita ka? Have you lunch? In this section we are going to learn Japanese Language Characteristics. Before you start learning Japanese, you have to know the characteristics of Japanese to help you find an effective way to learn and master it. So this lesson is very important, particularly for beginners.

Below are the characteristics of Japanese Language and the difference between English and Japanese Language:

1. Word Order/Sentence Structure

In English we use the structure called S-P-O  or subject - predicate (verb) - object,  but the Japanese structure is like S- O-P (Subject - Object - Predicate or Verb). Example:
I eat bread
watashi wa pan o taberu

watashi=I, wa=japanese particle, pan=bread, so in Japanese we use like the SOP structure, I wa bread o eat, other example:
I go to school
watashi wa gakkou ni iku (I wa school ni go)
Well, I think you understand the sentence structure of Japanese language, now, and don't worry if you don't understand about the particles, we will learn them later in this blog.

2. There's no plural noun in Japanese language

In English we will use plural noun to say that the noun is not only one, like "books" (this means there's 2 or more books) and "book" (this means only there's one book) in Japanese you just say "hon" it can be means one or more books.

3. There's no future tense in Japanese

In Japanese if you want to say a future tense sentence you just use the dictionary form/jishokei verb conjugation/present tense, easy huh?. Example:
I will/going to go to Japan tomorrow
ashita, watashi wa nihon ni iku (literally means, tomorrow, I wa Japan ni go/I go to Japan)

4. Japanese Writing System

In Japanese there are 3 character sets that used (Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana and sometimes romaji is also used), and there are two writing systems in Japanese, Traditionally, Japanese is written and printed in columns from top to bottom and from right to left. Books start 'at the back'. Modern Japanese is written or printed in the same order of words on the page as English.

Ok, that's some characteristics of Japanese Language we learnt in this post^^. So now we  know about Japanese language characteristics and now, we can make a plan to learn Japanese effectively if we knew the caracteristics of Japanese language, huh?^^ we're done for today lesson, and we will continue learn Japanese language tomorrow^^, jaa mata ashita ne mina-san, otsukaresama deshita bye bye (=^・^=).

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