Let's Learn Japanese Noun Conjugations (名詞)

Good evening everybody, welcome back to japaneselearningonline.blogspot.com^^)/.  In this section, we're gonna learn how to conjugate a noun into negative, past and negative past tense, Are you ready guys? Ok, let's begin.

Noun in Japanese is called "meishi (名詞)", and how to conjugate them is very very easy, I am sure you will understand it quickly easily^^.

Noun Conjugations in Japanese

Negative Form : to make noun into negative form is just attach janai (じゃない) to the end of the noun. Example :
私 → 私じゃない
watashi → watashi janai
me → not me
猫 → 猫じゃない
neko → neko janai
cat → not a cat
are wa neko janai desu
that is not a cat

Past Tense : to make noun into past tense is just attach datta (だった) to the end of noun. Example :
猫 → 猫だった
neko → neko datta
cat → was a cat
子供 → 子供だった
kodomo → kodomo datta
children → were children
watashi wa kodomo datta
I was a child

Negative Past Tense : how to make a noun into negative past tense is just attach janakatta (じゃなかった) to the end of the noun. Example :
魚 → 魚じゃなかった
sakana → sakana janakatta
fish → was not a fish
人 → 人じゃなかった
hito → hito janakatta
person → was not a person
ano hito wa hito janakatta
that person was not a person

Owatta? yes^^ but one more thing that you must know, the formal version of noun conjugation. To make negative formal version of noun is attach de wa arimasen (ではありません) to the end of the noun, and past tense from noun formal version is attach deshita (でした), and to make negatif formal past tense is attach de wa arimasen deshita (ではありませんでした) to the end of the noun. Example :
kodomo desu
a child (formal)
kodomo de wa arimasen
not a child (formal)
kodomo deshita
was a child (formal)
kodomo de wa arimasen deshita
was not a child (formal)
And here's the conclusion from noun conjugation that we leant today^^ : 

Noun Conjugations
past negatif
inu janai
inu datta
inu janakatta
inu dewa arimasen
inu deshita
inu dewa arimasen deshita
*red is informal conjugations of noun
*blue is formal conjugations of noun

I hope you can understand easily our this simple explanation of noun conjugation in this lesson^^. And I hope we will meet again in next lesson tomorrow^^, jaa mata ashita ne minna^^.

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