Japaneseclass.jp, a Fun Site to Learn Japanese Language

Mina-san Ohakonnichibanwa^^ (ohayou+konnichiwa+konbanwa), how are you today guys?, Today, I want share and recommend a Fun site for learning Japanese language. You definitely want to learn Japanese in a fun way, don't you? Certainly everyone want to it, well in this post I am going to review a Japanese learning site with a fun way, the site is Japaneseclass.jp, I studied Japanese there in 2011, I studied many Japanese lessons there, particularly Japanese Kanji and Vocabulary I learnt there from level 1 to level 6 and I ever reached rank 12 at the time. But here's my rank right now.

update: this statistic banner was not work

In Japaneseclass.jp you will learn Japanese language like you playing RPG game where you have to get more and more experience to level up and unlock higher level test, and get higher ranking^^, therefore this site is very recommended to Japanese learner around the world, you will never get bored because learn there is very fun and you will be fluent unconscious, I am sure.

At the first time you visit there, you must create an account, don't worry, create an account there very simple just like create a Facebook account or in other sites, just type your valid email, nickname and password, birthday and type the chaptcha too, look at the screenshoots.


new register
Update: this is the new register appearance

In this is the new appearance of japaneseclass.jp, now japaneseclass.jp site seems like a social media^^, we can chat with friends, write a post in social media etcetera^^.
japaneseclass new appearance

japaneseclas new appearance 2

And your register has finished, and now you can learn Japanese like you playing an RPG game^^, get more exp and look for a friend that may help to learn each other. Additionally, you can challenge a player/learn to play a Japanese quiz, read articles^^ be sure you network great before challenge. Don't forget to add my ID there, nickname 'rizu' and 'riizhu', Ok!^^

But fortunately, that site is difficult to visit recently, maybe the server gets a problem or too many visitors or maybe there's other problem. I hope the problem will be repaired as soon, because this site is the best and fun way to learn Japanese language^^.

It's a Japanese learning site I shared in this blog today^^, and I will share other interesting Japanese learning sites and blogs^^, So, don't forget to visit this blog again tomorrow, day after tomorrow and everyday ok? Saa kyou no posuto wa koko made^^, ashita mo tanoshimi ni, mata ashita ne minna.

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