How to Ask Question in Japanese Language Using Particle ka (か) And no (の)

皆さん^^、おはようございます、 ところで、朝ごはんをもう食べましたか、私はまだ食べていません、mina-san ohayou gozaimasu, tokoro de, asagohan o tabemashita ka, watashi wa mada tabete imasen, Good morning everyone, by the way have you had breakfast? I have not eaten yet^^. Ok, today, we are going to learn how to ask question in Japanese language using particle か and の or just with raises intonation.

How To Ask Question Using か Particle (polite way)

Unlike English, in Japanese we don't need to change the word order to make a question, just add か particle to the end of the sentence, this is the polite version question. Example:
anata wa nihonjin desu ka
are you a Japanese?
doko de nihongo o benkyou shimashita ka
where did you learn Japanese language?
sushi ga suki desu ka
do you like sushi?
kinou, gakkou ni ikimashita ka
did you go to school yesterday?
eigo o benkyou shite imasu ka
do you studying English
Use this question form only with masu and desu ending, don't use か particle in casual form sentence, or your sentence will be odd and rude. using the か particle in casual form carries with a different nuance. It has a bit of a harsh connotation and sounds like you are an older man.

How To Ask Question In Casual Form

If you want to make a question in casual form, you don't need か particle or any change, what do you need just raise the intonation^^. Example:
sushi ga suki?
like sushi? (raising intonation)
kyou, nani o shitai?
what would you want to do, today?
ima, benkyou shiteru?
you're studying, now?

Or you can use の as a question particle in casual form and raises the intonation too. Example:
ima, benkyou shiteru no?
you're studying, now?
kinou, gakkou ni itta no?
you went to school, yesterday?

Alright, we learned how to ask question in Japanese in polite way and casual way, and my task for today is cleared, I will see you next time, jaa mata ne minna. _(_^_)_

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