Japanese Language Crossword: Animals Edition

The fun way to learn vocabulary is playing game, yeah, let's learning while playing game^^, today I just want to share Japanese crossword made by me riizhu^^, and this is the first crossword I created for this blog, I will create more crossword and with different category, to make you learners being fun learning Japanese vocabulary^^ the Japanese crossword in this edition is all about animals^^, if the question or clue using English, you must answer with Japanese language or vice versa if you the question or clue using Japanese, you must answer with English, just it, yeah just it. Oke, let's play Japanese crossword in order to improve our Japanese vocabulary with fun way^^.

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Download Japanese Crossword: Animals Edition:

All right, that was Japanese Crossword Animals Edition that I made with Eclipse Crossword Software, I hope you like it^^ and I will create other Japanese crosswords^^, so if you like this crossword, please share with you friends^^, and please wait for the next crossword, Ok? (^.^)/~~~.

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