Learn Japanese Kanji 01 (一二三四五六七八九十)

Maybe from now we are going to begin learning the kanji characters little by little ^^, about 10 characters every post, here we will learn the meaning of kanji, how to read them, onyomi, kunyomi and also learn how to write them^^ in the first kanji lesson we're gonna learn 10 kanji 一, 二, 三, 四, 五, 六, 七, 八, 九 and 十. you know what the meaning of the kanji that we will learn? those are the kanji numbers from 1 to 10 we will begin to learn them okay^^ let's start :

Caution :
  • If you want more effective, please take a note and a pen and write the stroke of Kanji correctly
  • Write the horizontal line from right to left and write vertical line from up to down
  • sign (*) is meaning the vocabulary has irregular/special reading.

1. 一
stroke : 1
meaning : one
kunyomi : hito
onyomi : ichi
kotoba : 一人=hitori=alone、一つ=hitotsu=a,an,one、一日=ichinichi/*tsuitachi=one day, first of month、一昨日=*ototoi=day before yesterday、一夜=ichiya=one night.
kanji one

2. 二
stroke : 2
meaning : two
kunyomi : futa
onyomi : ni
kotoba : 二人=futari=two persons、二つ=futatsu=two、二日=*futsuka=second day of month、二階=nikai=second floor、第二課=dainika=second lesson.
kanji two

3. 三
stroke : 3
meaning : three
kunyomi : mi
onyomi : san
kotoba : 三人=sannin=three persons、三角=sankaku=triangle、三つ=mitsu=three、三月=sangatsu=march.
kanji three

4. 四
goresan : 5
arti : four
kunyomi : yon, yo
onyomi : shi
kotoba : 四月=shigatsu=april、四つ=yotsu=four、四日=yokka=fourth day of month、四代目火影=yondaime hokage=4th hokage.
kanji four

5. 五
goresan : 4
arti : five
kunyomi : itsu
onyomi : go
kotoba : 五月=gogatsu=may、五つ=itsutsu=five、五日=itsuka=fifth day of month.
kanji five

6. 六
goresan : 4
arti : six
kunyomi : mu
onyomi : roku
kotoba : 六つ=mutsu=six、六日=muika=sixth day of month、六月=rokugatsu=june、六百=*roppyaku=six hundred.
kanji six

7. 七
goresan : 2
arti : seven
kunyomi : nana
onyomi : shichi
kotoba : 七月=shichigatsu=july、七日=*nanoka=seventh day of month、七つ=nanatsu=seven、七百=nanahyaku=seven hundred.
kanji seven

8. 八
goresan : 2
arti : eight
kunyomi : ya
onyomi : hachi
kotoba : 八つ=yatsu=eight、八月=hachigatsu=august、八百=*happyaku=eight hundred、八日=*youka=eighth day of month.
kanji eight

9. 九
goresan : 2
arti : nine
kunyomi : kokono
onyomi : kyuu, ku
kotoba : 九月=kugatsu=september、九百=kyuuhyaku=nine hundred、九日=kokonoka=ninth day of month、九尾=kyuubi=nine tails.
kanji nine

10. 十
goresan : 2
arti : ten
kunyomi : tou
onyomi : juu
kotoba : 十月=juugatsu=october、十=tou=ten、十字=juuji=cross/cruciform.
kanji ten

Dou desu ka? kantan desu ka muzukashii desu ka?, how everyone?, are kanji above easy or difficult?^^, Ok we have learnt 10 number of Kanji, we will learn other Kanji in the next lesson, matte kudasai ne minna.

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