Learn Japanese Kanji 09 (引羽雲園遠何科夏家歌)

皆さん、こんばんは^^、 mina-san konbanwa, good evening friends^^, we meet again here and of course in this blog we will learning Japanese Kanji lesson again and our kanji lesson today is learning 10 Kanji of Kanji Grade 2 ^^ Kanji list that is learned in 2nd grade school in Japan, jaa hajimeyou ka, shall we start the lesson? Ok let’s start:

Caution :
  • If you want more effective, please take a note and a pen and write the stroke of Kanji correctly
  • Write the horizontal line from right to left and write vertical line from up to down
  • sign (*) is meaning the vocabulary has irregular/special reading.

1. 引

meaning: pull
kunyomi: hi-ku, biki
onyomi: in
stroke: 4
kotoba :  引力=inryoku=attraction、引き算=hikizan=subtraction、引用=in'you=quote、割引=waribiki=discount
kanji pull

2. 羽

meaning: feather
kunyomi: hane
onyomi: u, ha
stroke: 6
kotoba : 一羽=ichiwa=a/one(bird)、羽ばたく=habataku=to flap、羽毛=umou=feather、羽音=haoto=hum
kanji feather

3. 雲

meaning: cloud
kunyomi: kumo
onyomi: un
stroke: 12
kotoba :  雨雲=amagumo=nimbus、暗雲=an'un=dark clouds、雲海=unkai=sea of clouds
kanji cloud

4. 園

meaning: garden
kunyomi: sono
onyomi: en
stroke:  13
kotoba : 公園=kouen=park、幼稚園=youchien=play group、動物園=doubutsuen=zoo、楽園=rakuen=paradise
kanji garden

5. 遠

meaning: far
kunyomi: too-i
onyomi: en
stroke:  13
kotoba : 遠い=tooi=far、永遠=eien=immortal、望遠鏡=bouenkyou=telescope、遠慮=enryo=reserve
kanji far

6. 何

meaning: what
kunyomi: nan, nani
onyomi: ka
stroke:  7
kotoba :  *何故=naze=why、*何処=doko=where、何時=nanji=what time is it、何度=nando=what times
kanji what

7. 科

meaning: section
kunyomi: -
onyomi: ka
stroke:  9
kotoba : 科学=kagaku=science、科目=kamoku=subject、外科=geka=surgery、前科=zenka=criminal record
kanji section

8. 夏

meaning: summer
kunyomi: natsu
onyomi: ka, ge
stroke: 9
kotoba : 夏休み=natsuyasumi=summer holiday、真夏=manatsu=midsummer、夏至=geshi=summer solstice、初夏=shoka=early summer
kanji summer

9. 家

meaning: home
kunyomi: uchi, ie, ya
onyomi: ka,ke
stroke: 10
kotoba : 家内=kanai=wife、家具=kagu=furniture、家族=kazoku=family、作家=sakka=writer/author
kanji home

10. 歌

meaning: song, to sing
kunyomi: uta, uta-u
onyomi: ka
stroke:  14
kotoba : 歌手=kashu=singer、歌詞=kashi=lyrics、国歌=kokka=nasional anthem、子守歌=komoriuta=lullaby
kanji song, to sing

Ok, so happy I can completed my task for today, and then I want to off guys^^ don’t need to say goodbye because we will meet again tomorrow in the next lesson^^ so wait me Ok?

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