Japanese Vocabulary Lesson: Greetings and Daily Expressions

どうも皆さん(=^・^=)また会いましたね、相変わらず、会う時に、私は一つレッスンを教えてあげます。 doumo mina-san, we met again^^, and as usual, every we meet I will post a Japanese lesson for you^^, And today's lesson is learning Japanese Vocabulary, today's vocabulary category is common greetings and expressions in Japanese language^^ like good morning, good evening, say hello, say goodbye etc, these below words/phrases are very very important and used in common daily conversation, so you have to learn and memorize these expressions and greetings, Ok are you ready friends? yow, let's begin, start to memorize these very important vocabularies(^m^;):

Japanese Vocabulary Lesson: Greetings and Daily Expression

English Japanese
good morning ohayou gozaimasu
good afternoon konnichiwa
good evening konbanwa
good night oyasuminasai
good bye sayounara
see you later dewa/jaa mata
see you mata ne
please onegai shimasu
pardon me, sorry sumimasen
thank you (very much) (doumo) arigatou gozaimasu
you are welcome douita shimashite
how are you ogenki desu ka/oikaga desu ka
long time not see hisashiburi desu
hello (on phone) moshimoshi
excuse me, I beg your pardon shitsurei shimasu
congratulation omedetou
let's eat (before eating) itadakimasu
thank you for the food (after eating) gochisou sama deshita
I'll go (and will be back later) ittekimasu
have a nice day (answer for ittekimasu) itterasshai
I'm back tadaima
welcome back okaerinasai
please / go ahead douzo
nice to meet you (used when self introduce at the first time hajimemashite
thanks / (because of your prayer) I'm fine okage sama de
please forgive me for bothering you (when visiting someone's place gomen kudasai
I'm going to get in your way (when entering someone's place) ojama shimasu/shimashita
thank you for your help osewa ni narimasu
welcome youkoso/irrasshaimase
many thanks for teamwork otsukare sama deshita
I'll go first osaki ni
it's good wheater today, isn't it ii tenki desu ne
let's go iku zo / ikimashou
see you next week mata raishuu
see you tomorrow mata ashita
see you next year mata rainen
see you next time mata atode
hello, thanks doumo

Ok, our today's lesson finished, thank you for visiting and reading this post,今日はありがとうございました kyou wa arigatou gozaimashita m(_ _;)m, soshite mata ashita ne, ashita mo mata kono burogu de nihongo o benkyou shimasu,  お休みなさい, oyasuminasai, goodnight.

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