Japanese Crossword: i-adjective Edition

どうも皆さん、リーズです、今日のポストにイ形容詞についての日本語のクロスワードをシェアしてあげますよ。Doumo mina-san, riizhu desu, kyou no posuto ni ikeiyoushi ni tsuite no nihongo no kurosuwaado o shea shite agemasu yo, Hello everyone, I'm riizhu^^, in this post I'm gonna share a Japanese crossword about i-adjective^^, same as before the answer can be Japanese and English so, you have to be watch out, I made this crossword using Eclipse crossword software^^, If you like it, I will make other Japanese crosswords. For your help you can read article Japanese Vocabulary List: i-adjective.

All right, are you ready to play a Japanese crossword and improve your Japanese vocablary in a fun way, here you are, download the crossword:
Japanese crossword i-adjective image

See other edition: Japanese Crossword: Color Edition

All right, that was a crossword game that I shared to improve our i-adjective vocabulary^^, enjoy the crossword all, I will share na-adjective edition tomorrow, see you tomorrow(^_-)-☆。

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