Japanese Vocabulary List : Days, Months and Dates

Time to learn vocabulary, now!, today's category is the names of day, month and date in Japanese language^^, maybe you will get a surprise in remembering dates in Japanese^^ hihi, it's a little difficult because there are many irregular readings there. Jaa let's begin to learn:

Days in Japanese Language
Japanese Romaji English
日曜日 nichiyoubi Sunday
月曜日 getsuyoubi Monday
火曜日 kayoubi Tuesday
水曜日 suiyoubi Wednesday
木曜日 mokuyoubi Thursday
金曜日 kinyoubi Friday
土曜日 doyoubi Saturday
Hmm, not difficult, just need to remember the first kanji.

Months in Japanese Language
Japanese Romaji English
一月 ichigatsu january
二月 nigatsu february
三月 sangatsu march
四月 shigatsu april
五月 gogatsu may
六月 rokugatsu june
七月 shichigatsu july
八月 hachigatsu august
九月 kugatsu september
十月 juugatsu october
十一月 juuichigatsu november
十二月 juunigatsu desember
Hmm, not difficult too, just remember the number 1 - 12 plus gatsu^^, isn't it?

Dates of month in Japanese Language
Japanese Romaji English
一日 tsuitachi first
二日 futsuka second
三日 mikka third
四日 yokka fourth
五日 itsuka fifth
六日 muika sixth
七日 nanoka seventh
八日 youka eighth
九日 kokonoka ninth
十日 tooka tenth
十一日 juuichinichi eleventh
十二日 juuninichi twelfth
十三日 juusannichi thirteenth
十四日 juuyokka fourteenth
十五日 juugonichi fifteenth
十六日 juurokunichi sixteenth
十七日 juunananichi seventeenth
十八日 juuhachinichi eighteenth
十九日 juukyuunichi nineteenth
二十日 hatsuka twentieth
二十一日 nijuuichinichi twenty-first
二十二日 nijuuninichi twenty-second
二十三日 nijuusannichi twenty-third
二十四日 nijuuyokka twenty-fourth
二十五日 nijuugonichi twenty-fifth
二十六日 nijuurokunichi twenty-sixth
二十七日 nijuunananichi twenty-seventh
二十八日 nijuuhachinichi twenty-eighth
二十九日 nijuukyuunichi twenty-ninth
三十日 sanjuunichi thirtieth
三十一日 sanjuuichinichi thirty-first

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Hmm, It is not difficult too? I hope so^^ You have to be watch out from first date to ten, and also 14, 20 and 24 have irregular readings, so be careful. Alright, owatta, kyou no jugyou wa owatta, mata ashita ne minna, jikai mo tanoshimi ni shimasu^^.

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