How to Add / Install Japanese Input Method (Keyboard) on Computer / Laptop

皆さんおはこんにちばんは! mina-san ohakonnichibanwa (read: ohayou+konnichiwa+konbanwa)^^, in this article I'll share a tutorial how to add Japanese Input Method (keyboard) for your Personal Computer or Laptop, In this case, I am sharing for Windows 7 OS, so I am not sure it will work for other OS (Operation System), but there is no harm in trying this tutorial with other OS^^ hope it will work, too.

Actually, Japanese keyboard / Japanese input has been available in your PC or OS, so you don't need to download anything, just install and activate your Japanese keyboard^^.

All right, we will begin the tutorial, please watch out(^_-)-☆.

First of all, go and open your windows menu or click windows button on your PC/Laptop, and then go to control panel, after that, on the control panel menu select region and language, see the screenshot below

install japanese keyboard on computer

After that, select the menu keyboards and language and then click change keyboard, this means it changes or adds language input, see the screenshot below.

add japanese keyboard on PC

After that click add and select what language do you want to install, in this case we want to install Japanese keyboard/Japanese character input, right? in Japanese language keyboard, there are two keyboards that you must install (Japanese and Microsoft IME), check all and install.

add Japanese input for PC
blue: the languages installed on your computer

終わった、finished^^, and now you can type Japanese characters kanji, hiragana, katana and of course romaji, too^^.
Japanese keyboard on PC
So, now we can chat with Japanese people in the internet^^, hihihi, happy learning Japanese(^m^;), If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment, OK? Ok, I'll be right back all, see you tomorrow, 明日も楽しみに、またね。

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