The Best Japanese Kanji Learning Software for PC

Hello guys, welcome back to Japanese Learning Online Blog, well I've ever shared a kanji learning apps for Android and for Java in the previous post. And now I am going to share and review a free kanji learning software to all of you learners^^. And the free software to learn Japanese kanji in your PC is....... *jreng*.... *jreng*..... *jreng* haha(^m^;) the name is ZKanji, Ok, let's review this application.

Japanese Kanji Learning Software
screenshoot from ZKanji Software
I don't know how many kanji in this software, but certainly there are more than the number of jouyou kanji^^. And you can learn the kanji according to the category by grade from 1 to 6 or by JLPT level from N5 to N1 or by Stroke and many more.

And the most interesting feature for me is animation stroke, we can learn writing the kanji based on the right hitsujun (stroke order), just double click to the kanji and the information of the kanji from stroke, kunyomi and onyomi reading, the meaning of the kanji etc will be show, and then you can play the stroke animation by clicking the play button, you can set the speed, slow, normal or fast.

stroke animation of Zkanji

At first, maybe this app will make you confused, but I sure you will be used to with this software soon^^ and can take the advantage from this software to learn Japanese kanji free(^ム^). free? yeah this software is free to download and free to use. If you want download this app, go to the official site and download the Zkanji in Ok, I'll be right back guys, thanks for visiting this blog and read this post, I'll see you tomorrow, cheerio! mata ashita ne!(^o^)!.

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  1. Wow, I learned a new kanji through your comment. Now I know the kanji for "Forget" Thanks. The software is good by the way.

  2. Amazing software it is! There are many Online Japanese Course offered that are also easy and fun to learn Japanese!

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