Japanese Conjunction Lesson: ~ga (~が)

For your information, が (ga) can also mean "but" as a conjunction, so, be care ful with が, It can be a particle and also can be a conjunction^^, in this article I am going to share Japanese conjunction ~ga (~が) lesson, Ok, enough for small talk let's begin.

Japanese Conjunction ~ga

JLPT Level: N5
Meaning: but, however
sentence 1 + (da) ga + sentence 2
sentence 1 + desu ga + sentence 2 (polite)

Note: If the end of sentence 1 is na-adjective or noun you must attach だ before が if not It will be が as a particle. And same as けど, conjunction が can be used as a general connector of two separate sentences, in this case が means "and".
このレストランでのピザは高いですが 美味しいですよ
kono restaurant de no pizza wa takai desu ga oishii desu yo
Pizza in this restoran is expensive, but it's delicious
omae wa tsuyoi ga ore ni katenai
You are strong, but you can't win against me
ano, shitsurei desu ga hitotsu shitsumon o kiite mo ii desu ka
Uh, sorry to be rude but, may I ask a question
kanojo wa kirei da ga shinsetsu janai
She is beautiful but she is not kind

Yeah, we finished the Japanese conjunction ~ga (~が) lesson^^, and I'be back, see you tomorrow in the next lesson guys, cheerio.

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