Japanese Crossword: na-adjective Edition

Hai, doumo^^)/, welcome back to our dearest blog japaneselearningonline.blogspot.com, as I promised yesterday, today I am going to share a Japanese crossword: na-adjective edition^^, It is called na-adjective because it takes na before the noun that it modifies. If you need help, just open and see Japanese Vocabulary List: na-adjective.

Same as before the answer can be Japanese and English, so, be careful, if the question using Japanese, maybe the answer is in English and vice versa, if the question using English, maybe the answer is in Japanese^^.

Ok, you can download the crossword by clicking the link below, play it and improve your na-adjective vocabulary^^.

Japanese crossword na-adjective image

See other edition crossword: Japanese Crossword: i-adjective Edition

Ok, that was the Japanese crossword: i-adjective edition^^, hope crosswords in this blog useful to improve your vocabulary. Till then see you tomorrow.

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