Request Someone to Refrain Doing Something Using ~nai de kudasai (~ないでください)

Hello all, welcome back here, we already learned a grammar to ask or request someone to do something with kudasai (ください) yesterday, and now we are learning how to request someone to refrain doing something using ~nai de kudasai (~ないでください). Here we are:
This grammar used to request someone to not to do something.
JLPT Level: N5
Negative form verb (naikei) + ください
koko de shashin o toranai de kudasai
please, don't take pictures here
asoko e ikanai de kudasai
please, don't go over there
kocchi e konai de kudasai
please, don't come here
sono tabemono o tabenai de kudasai
please, don't eat that food
nakanai de kudasai
please don't cry

Same with kudasai we learned yesterday, you can also drop kudasai (ください) in this grammar, and make sure, just use this form when you are talking with your friends only. Example:
nakanai de
don't cry
warawanai de
don't laugh
kocchi e konai de
don't come here
koko de shashin toranai de
don't take pictures here

Yeah, we're done with today's mini lesson^^, I hope you understood my brief explanation^^. Alright, I'll be back, see you in the next lesson(^_-)-☆ cheerio!.

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