The Most Often Used First Personal Pronouns in Japanese Language

Almost Every Language having many words which mean "I" or first personal pronouns, of course, including Japanese, and in this class, I am gonna share words which mean I in Japanese language, how many words which mean "I" are there in Japanese language?, today I will share 5 Often Used First Personal Pronouns In Japanese Language. Ok, Let's have a look.

Watashi (私)

Watashi is the most common first person pronouns used can be used for men, women, children or even oldmen. Watashi is usually used in formal situation.

Watakushi (私)

Almost same with watashi (the kanji wrote the same) but it's more formal and often used by politicians, noblemen when speech.

Boku (僕)

Boku sounds rather masculine and often used by men, can be used in formal situation, you can use this first personal pronoun to your friends, maybe you often heard this word in anime and dorama, didn't you?

Atashi (あたし)

Atashi does not have Kanji, and always written in Hiranana and Katakana, maybe this word opposite of boku above, this word sounds very feminine and only used by women and girls, perhaps you often hear this word in Anime and Dorama, too?.

Ore (俺)

Ore is the first person pronouns which is rather rude. This word is only used among close friends. Though you always heard ore in anime but please avoid using it in formal situation or for seniors, teachers, including for people you respect

Ok, that was the most often used first personal pronouns in Japanese, I will share other first personal pronouns in the next lesson^^, so please wait for us, see you again in the next lesson, take care.

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