Let's Learn Japanese Language With Erin (Nihongo Dekimasu)

Mina-san konbanwa^^, long time not recommend a site, so in this evening I am gonna share a good site to learn Japanese language under Japan Foundation^^, the site I will recommend in this evening is very populer and maybe many learners have known this site.

The site I am sharing today is Learn Japanese With Erin, Erin's Chousen: I can speak Japanese or In Japanese Erin ga chousen: Nihongo dekimasu^^. This site is one of my favorite sites to learn Japanese language^^, you will learn full conversation Japanese there and I think it's a very effective method to learn a language.
erin.ne.jp homepage
erin.ne.jp is a site owned by The Japan Foundation intended for anyone who want to learn Japanese in English and also available in other languages, like French, Korean, Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia etc^^.
erin.ne.jp available languages
You will learn Japanese from watching short videos like dorama who the main character is Erin, a student from England and learned Japanese in Japan for 6 months (1 semester), and at that site you will also be taught Japan culture, and Japanese people habits.
erin.ne.jp videos
There are 25 video lessons with manga lesson, mite miyou (let's see), kore wa nani (what's this), develop vocabulary and yatte miyou (let's try).
erin.ne.jp develop vocabulary

erin.ne.jp key phrase

erin.ne.jp let's see

erin.ne.jp what's this

Interesting site, right? if you want to learn Japanese language with Erin you can go and visit http://erin.ne.jp select the language and happy learning Japanese^^ and complete Erin's Challenge^^.

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