Japanese Grammar ~nasai (~なさい)

Ohassuuuuu minna(^m^) goodo mooningu, werukomu to Japanezu Reaningu onrain, hehe^^ welcome to Japanese learning online, Ok, the lesson today is Japanese grammar ~nasai (~なさい), It is a soft yet firm way of issuing a command., usually used by a mother to children, or by a teacher to students.

Grammar ~nasai (~なさい)

JLPT Level: N4
Meaning: (firm command)
Formula: renyoukei/stem form verb + nasai
nihongo ga jouzu ni nareba mainichini benkyou shinasai
if you want to become fluent in Japanese, learn everyday
koko ni suwarinasai
sit here
kowakereba mama o yobinasai
if you scared, call mom
You can also drop "sai" portion of the "nasa" to make a casual version of this grammar.
mada ippai aru kara, takusan tabena
there's still a lot, so eat a lot
kusuri o nomina
take medicine
~nasai grammar pic

Enough for today, there is still another one command form (informal command) that we will learn tomorrow^^, Jaa, mata ashita ne, see you tomorrow, learners(^^)/.

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