Japanese Grammar ~te choudai (~てちょうだい)

Yow, riizhu desu, let's learn Japanese language together^^, konkai no jugyou wa ~te choudai (~てちょうだい) desu, hmm, there's no new grammar rule here, It's just feminine version of ~te kudasai (~てください), so the meaning and the use just like ~te kudasai grammar we learned before.

Grammar ~te choudai (~てちょうだい)

JLPT Level: N4
Must learn: Japanese verb te form
noun + o + choudai
te form verb + choudai
negative te form verb + choudai

Meaning: Please (used to asking someone to do or not to do something)
Kanji: 頂戴 but usually written in hiragana only
Caution: This grammar sound feminine, so, If you are a man, maybe you will never use this grammar^^
sore o choudai
please, (give me) that
supuun o choudai
(give me) spoon, please
misete choudai
please show me
misenai de choudai
please, don't show me
yukkuri hanashite choudai
please, speak slowly
atashi o kangaesasete choudai
let me think, please
fuzakenai de choudai
don't joke around me please
minai de choudai otsuki-sama
please, don't look at me, otsuki-sama
~te choudai grammar example

Also learn: Ask to Do Something Using Kudasai (ください)

Ok, I will see you soon in the next lesson, bye all^^, mata ne.

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