Japanese Particle Lesson: to Particle Means And and With (と)

Yow, doumo, riizhu desu^^, saa, kyou watashitachi wa joshi o benkyou shimasu, we are learning Japanese particle today, and here is the to particle lesson, don't confused with と as quotation particle and conditional particle Ok?.

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Particle to (と)

JLPT Level: N5
Meaning: "and" "with" (list of things), (expression relationship between two things)
Formula: noun と noun
Sentence Example:
nihon no ryouri to kankoku no ryouri to indonesia no ryouri ga suki desu
I like Japanese food, Korean food and Indonesian food
watashi wa haha to imouto to otouto to sunde imasu
I live with mother, younger brother and younger sister
お茶 とコーヒー と 、どちらの方が好きですか
ocha to koohii to dochira no hou ga suki desu ka
between tea and coffee, which do you like better?
tomodachi to nihongo o benkyou shimashita
I learned Japanese with friends
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Alright, enough, I will come back here again tomorrow with new particle lessons, please come here again tomorrow, see you, take care.

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