Japanese Particle Lesson: ya Particle Means And (や)

Wai(^_^)/ hello learners, glad to see you again, how are you all? I think you alright and ready to learn a new particle lesson today, don't you? Jaa kyou no joshi wa や desu, the particle today is や, や particle is similar to と particle we learned yesterday, both they mean "and" in English, but there is a little difference between them. If you use や It implies that there may be other things that are unlisted and that not all items in the list may apply. In English, you might think of this as an "and/or, etc." type of listing.

Particle ya (や)

JLPT Level: N5
Meaning: .... and .... etc
Formula: noun や noun
Explanation: や particle implies that there may be other things that are unlisted
Sentence example:
watashi wa mise de mikan ya suika ya meron o kaimashita
I bought orange, watermelon etcetera in the store
gakkou de nihongo no bunpou ya tango ya kanji nado o benkyou shimasu
in the school, I learn Japanese grammar, vocabulary, kanji etc
watashi no kaban no naka ni wa hon ya enpitsu ya borupen ga arimasu
there are book, pencil, ballpoint etc in my bag

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Ok, the lesson today is finished, there is one particle that is also used for listing called とか, I will share about とか particle in the next lesson^^, please wait and see you later.

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