Japanese Particle Lesson: toka Particle Vague Listing Particle (とか)

As I said yesterday, in this post we are going to discuss about とか toka particle. This とか particle is very similar even I think same with や particle we learned before. とか also has the same meaning as や  but is a slightly more colloquial expression whereas や more often used in formal situation.

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Particle toka (とか)

JLPT Level: N5
Meaning: ...and.. etc (vague listing)
noun とか noun
dictionary form verb とか dictionary form verb
Sentence Example:
飲み物やカップ やナプキンは要らない?
nomimono toka kappu toka napukin wa iranai
You don't need things like drink, cup, or napkin, etc?
inu toka neko toka risu toka tori toka zenbu doubutsu ga suki da yo
Dog, cat, squirrel, bird and so on I like all animals
死ぬとか生きるとか そんな話はやめようぜ
shinu toka ikiru toka sonna hanashi wa yameyou ze
Die or live, let's stop such a story
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That was toka particle lesson, I hope you understood my brief explanation^^, Well, let's learn Japanese together later^^, don't forget visiting this site again, Ok? Jaa mata aou ne(^_^)/.

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