Japanese Language Vocabulary List: Family (家族)

Doumo mina-san, riizhu desu !(^o^)!, hello there everyone, welcome back to http://japaneselearningonline.blogspot.com with me riizhu let's learn Japanese vocabulary about family (家族).

By the way, do you have siblings?. I have 2 sisters and I don't have brother^^. FYI in Japanese you would use different words, wether you are talking about your own family or someone else's family. For example:
chichi mo haha mo Indonesiajin desu
(my) father and mother are American
otou-san wa doko desu ka?
where are (your) father?

The sentences above can be understood even there is not the pronouns like anata no otou-san or watashi no chichi or whatever. And this is the vocabulary list that we are learning today^^ happy learning:

Japanese Vocabulary List: Family / Kazoku
Japanese Romaji English
家族 kazoku family
両親 ryoushin parents
お父さん/父 otousan/chichi father
お母さん/母 okaasan/haha mother
お兄さん/兄 oniisan/ani older brother
お姉さん/姉 oneesan/ane older sister
imouto younger sister
otouto younger brother
musume daughter
息子 musuko son
mago grandchild
夫婦 fuufu husband and wife
奥さん/妻 okusan/tsuma wife
主人/夫 shujin/otto husband
兄弟 kyoudai brother
姉妹 shimai sister
伯母さん obasan aunt
伯父さん ojisan uncle
お祖母さん/祖母 obaasan/sobo grandmother
お祖父さん/祖父 ojiisan/sofu grandfather
oi nephew
mei niece
継父 mamachichi stepfather
継母 mamahaha stepmother
shuuto father-in-law
shuutome mother-in-law
義兄 gikei older brother-in-law
義姉 gishi older sister-in-law
義弟 gitei younger brother-in-law
義妹 gimai younger sister-in-law
義理の娘/嫁 giri no musume/yome daughter-in-law/bride
義理の息子/婿 giri no musuko/muko son-in-law
子供 kodomo children
いとこ itoko cousin
親戚 shinseki relative (family)

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Alright, we're done with today's lesson, make sure you remember those new words, don't just read and forget. Ok, I'll see you again with new lessons tomorrow, bye everyone.

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