Learn Japanese Kanji 06 (赤青早石川草先正生夕)

Welcome to Japanese Learning Online Blog guys, in the previous lesson we have learnt 10 kanji in chapter 5. So, today, we will continue to learn 10 new ones, and this is the 10 kanji which we are going to learning in this blog today  赤、青、早、石、川、草、先、正、生 and the last is 夕.  Ok, let's start, nee minna kanji o benkyou shimashou :

Caution :
  • If you want more effective, please take a note and a pen and write the stroke of Kanji correctly
  • Write the horizontal line from right to left and write vertical line from up to down
  • sign (*) is meaning the vocabulary has irregular/special reading.

1. 赤

meaning: red
kunyomi: aka-i
onyomi: seki,shaku
stroke: 7
kotoba : 赤い=red、赤軍=akagun=red army、赤字=akaji=deficit、赤道=sekidou=equator、赤ちゃん=akachan=baby
kanji red

2. 青

meaning: blue
kunyomi: ao-i
onyomi: sei,shou
stroke: 8
kotoba : 青年=seinen=youth、青い=aoi=blue、青信号=aoshingou=light green color、青空=aozora=blue sky
kanji blue

3. 早

meaning: early
kunyomi: haya-i
onyomi: sou
stroe: 6
kotoba : 早口言葉=hayaguchikotoba=tongue twister、早起き=get up early、早朝=souchou=early morning
kanji early

4. 石

meaning: stone
kunyomi: ishi
onyomi: seki,shaku
stroke: 5
kotoba : 宝石=houseki=gem stone、磁石=jishaku=magnet、石油=sekiyu=oil、化石=kaseki=fossil
kanji stone

5. 川

meaning: river
kunyomi: kawa
onyomi: sen
stroke: 3
kotoba : 小川=ogawa=brook、河川=kasen=rivers
kanji river

6. 草

meaning: grass
kunyomi: kusa
onyomi: sou
stroke: 9
kotoba : 草分け=kusawake=pioneer、草原=sougen=grassland、海草=kaisou=seaweed、雑草=zassou=weed
kanji grass

7. 先

meaning: destination
kunyomi: saki
onyomi: sen
stroke: 6
kotoba : 先月=last year、指先=yubisaki=fingertip、先輩=senpai=senior、先週=senshuu=last week
kanji destination

8. 正

meaning: correct
kunyomi: tada-shii
onyomi: sei,shou
stroke: 5
kotoba : 正解=seikai=correct (interpretation)、正義=seigi=justice、正午=shougo=noon、正しい=tadashii=correct
kanji correct

9. 生

meaning: life
kunyomi: u-mu,i-kiru
onyomi: sei,shou
stroke: 5
kotoba : 生意気=namaiki=saucy、学生=student、生年月日=seinengappi=date of birth、生まれる=be born、長生き=nagaiki=longevity
kanji life

10. 夕

meaning: evening
kunyomi: yuu
onyomi: seki
stroke: 3
kotoba : 夕方=yuugata=evening、夕食=yuushoku=dinner/supper、夕日=yuuhi=sunset、夕刊=yuukan=evening newspaper
kanji evening

Yeah, we have collected 10 kanji again today, and I hope you can save this kanji lesson in your brain^^, ok our lesson is end and I want to say goodbye for today and of courser we will met again tomorrow in this blog, jaa mata ashita ne^^.

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