Japanese Grammar: ~nikui (~にくい) Hard to Do Something

Hello guys, welcome back to JLO (Japanese Learning Online) blog, let's learn Japanese here together and free, the lesson today is the opposite of ~yasui that we learned yesterday, the lesson today is ~nikui (~にくい). This pattern indicates hard to do (something), let's learn more about ~nikui grammar.

Grammar ~nikui (~にくい)

JLPT Level: N4
Formula: stem form / renyoukei verb + nikui
Meaning: hard to (do something)
Construction example:
食べる = taberu = to eat  → 食べにくい = tabenikui = hard to eat
読む = yomu = to read → 読みにくい = yominikui = hard to read
使う = tsukau = to use → 使いにくい = tsukainikui = hard to use
分かる = wakaru = to understand → 分かりにくい = wakarinikui = hard to understand

The conjugation of all verbs which conjugate into ~nikui form become like I-adjective

Example in complete sentence:
kanji wa yominikui desu ne
Kanji is the letters which hard to read, isn't it?
eigo wa amari benkyou shinikukunai gengo to omoimasu
I think English is a language that is not really hard to learn
kyou wa chotto byouki dakara, hatarakinikuku narimasu
Because I feel sick today, maybe I will be hard to work
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