Learn Casual Japanese Language That is Used in Anime and Manga

Have you ever learnt Japanese language from watching anime or reading manga? It's certainly a very exciting way to learn, isn't it? however, Japanese language that is used in anime and manga is rather different from Japanese language we learn in school or course. In anime always used casual Japanese and in courses or in school we would be taught formal Japanese language version^^ that's why sometimes we cannot understand Japanese language that is said by anime characters.

So, to understand Japanese language in anime and manga you must learn Japanese language casual version. But where we can learn Japanese casual version? I will recommend a good website to learn casual Japanese with a fun way^^.

It is anime-manga.jp as you can see, anime-manga.co.jp is a site to power up your Japanese skill with a fun way, yeah, you will feel like in anime and manga world there.
anime-manga.jp homepage
There are many vocabularies, expressions and kanji that are frequently used in anime and manga, there are many quizzes, and if you win a quiz you will get a bonus^^. And same with erin.ne.jp I shared before, this site is also under Japan Foundation. Hah, you don't know Japan Foundation? The Japan Foundation is a company that hold JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) or 日本語能力試験 (Nihongo nouryoku shiken).
anime-manga.jp character expressions

anime-manga.jp expression by scene

anime-manga.jp word quiz

anime-manga.jp kanji game
anime-manga.jp is an e-learning site that offers a fun way to learn a number of character / genre-based Japanese expressions that appear in anime and manga. So if you are anime or manga lovers and you want to understand Japanese language that is used by characters on anime and manga, I think anime-manga.jp site is the right place for you^^.

There, you can learn anime character expressions, like a girl, boy, old man, butler, hooligan or even osaka dialect version Japanese. Not only that, you can learn expressions by scene where you will learn Japanese like you read a manga. Also, you can power up your Kanji and vocabulary with interesting quizzes in 4 genres (ninja, samurai school and love) in 3 difficulties (beginner/intermediate/advanced) for kanji quiz there are 2 levels (novice/advanced).
Alright, if you want to learn Japanese language in anime and manga, just visit http://anime-manga.jp and happy learning Japanese, learners!(^_-)-☆. Jaa kyou no posuto wa koko made, mata ashita ne minna, sayounara(^.^)/~~~.

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